In this groundbreaking book, Richard Peres tells the behind the scenes story of Dr. Merve Kavakci's run for parliament and her famous walk into the Grand National Assembly. In the ensuing days, months and years, Merve Kavakci was vilified by the government, military and media, and became an active campaigner for women's right to dress in the way they feel that their religion requires within the public sphere.
January 15
Deadline for receipt of Applications for Graduate Admission for Fall 2013
March 1
Deadline for receipt of Applications for Assistantship for 2013-14
A major in political science lets you acquire a systematic understanding of the formal and informal political process at all levels, in preparation for a career or graduate study. our program prepares students for careers in government, teaching, and research, and for further study in professional and graduate fields such as law, social work, journalism, business and public administration, and public affairs. If you haven't decided on a definite career but would like a springboard to many careers, a liberal arts education with a major in political science offers you flexibility.
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