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The Department of Psychology offers courses leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. However, we do not have a terminal master's degree program in clinical psychology. Students are only accepted into the Ph.D. program and earn a master's degree within that program

Students applying to the Department of Psychology must obtain an online application for admission from the Graduate School. Please follow all of the necessary Graduate School instructions for your application (e.g., fees, deadlines, submission processes). Please check each psychology area below for additional application information (e.g., Clinical has a required supplemental application that is emailed/mailed to the DCT).

Doctor of Philosophy

Students admitted for postmaster’s study with a master’s degree from another institution or with a master’s completed at Howard more than three years before admission may also be required to make up deficiencies. When the requirements for the master’s degree have been completed, formal application for admission to postmaster’s study may be made.

Psychology at the Graduate School

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Clinical Psychology - December 1st
Supplemental Application Summary Form (PDF)

Developmental Psychology - April 1st

Experimental Psychology - April 1st

Neuropsychology - April 1st

Personality Psychology - April 1st

Social Psychology - April 1st

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Areas of Concentration

Graduate study in the psychology department offers advanced research and specialization in the following areas:

Clinical Psychology


Experimental/ Cognitive Psychology

Physiological/ Neuropsychology

Developmental Psychology

Social Psychology

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